20. - Establish a one-stop-shop website of information on hunting on federal land

Text from the Recreational Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Plan, 2008, Page 20

Maps of places to hunt, vendors for equipment and licenses, schedules for training courses and other structured activities, and other types of information can be easily assembled online. Some of this information is already available electronically from federal agencies. Enabling private organizations to identify, collect, and share such information could:

  • Create uses of advertising profits from websites.
  • Offer a “vertical” search engine with information regarding structured hunting programs, existing programs designed to generate youth and minorities interest in hunting and outdoor recreation, hunter education, equipment, hunting license requirements, hunting regulations, ethical hunting, and other information useful to new and veteran hunters.
  • Establish a map page that will allow users to identify opportunities to hunt on public lands. Maps should show lands where hunting is allowed and the location of their boundaries with adjacent lands; access points for hunting on public lands; and have a mechanism that would allow visitors to add additional information that could populate the site subject to review by a “gatekeeper” (who would verify the content added before it is posted). Information added by visitors would appear on the site in a distinct colored font to indicate that it was added by a visitor to the site.

Assessment of Status: Partially Complete

There are federal websites that provide information on hunting on US Fish and Wildlife Service lands and general outdoor recreation via Recreation.gov. Additionally, there are state examples of comprehensive mapping tools, but there is not a unified federal mapping tool that is a one-stop-shop for hunting federal lands. There have been attempts by Chevrolet and the Remington Foundation to do so, but none are complete.

Supporting documentation and findings

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