1. - Pass legislation authorizing the Sporting Conservation Council

Text from the Recreational Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Plan, 2008, Page 3

Drafters of an authorizing bill should:

  • Provide a ten-year term for the Council.
  • Consider amending the Federal Advisory Committee Act to allow nongovernmental, nonconsensus advice to federal land managers.
  • Consider an exemption for information provided by landowners about species of concern under the Freedom of Information Act.
  • Identify opportunities to promote cooperating agency status for state agencies.

Assessment of Status: Incomplete

1. In 2010, the Obama Administration extended the charter of the Sporting Conservation Council Federal Advisory Committee renaming it the Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council (WHHCC).
2. The authorization of the Committee remains a priority for the American Wildlife Conservation Partners (AWCP) despite the Obama Administration's administrative extension of the Committee. Legislation has been drafted but not introduced.

Supporting documentation and findings

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