21. - Recommend improved and enhanced access to public lands where hunting is allowed

Text from the Recreational Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Plan, 2008, Page 21

Helpful information would:

  • Assess interagency opportunities for improving and enhancing hunting opportunities for the disabled; provide access to difficult, or impossible to reach federal lands; incorporate hunting and recreational shooting into federal agency’s planning processes. Revise BLM/USDA Forest Service management plans to designate shooting areas.
  • Request an interagency data call for a compilation of opportunities to access adjacent public lands through lands they oversee when hunting on adjacent lands would be a beneficial wildlife management tool. For example, in 2008 the Secretary of Interior announced an assessment of National Park Service units to determine the potential benefits of facilitating access to hunting on adjacent federal lands as a wildlife management tool. Such access is already provided at Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP), which allows hunters to access Arapahoe National Forest through the park as a means of promoting recreational opportunities while concurrently reducing the park’s overpopulated elk herd. The assessment would seek to determine where similar programs would be desirable as a wildlife management tool in other park units. Note: pending regulations related to carrying concealed firearms on NPS lands do not affect the RMNP program and would not impact the ability to undertake a similar program in other park units.

Assessment of Status: Partially Complete

Recent improvements and enhancements to access to public lands for hunting have been site-specific. Examples exist in both the National Park Service and the US Fish and Wildlife Service to improve access for hunting--including for hunters with disabilities. Further progress is likely to occur if and when legislation on "Making Public Lands Public" is enacted.

Supporting documentation and findings

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